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August 18th Meeting

posted Aug 17, 2011, 2:06 AM by Loddon Quilters
It doesn't seem possible that we are now ending the fourth year of Loddon Quilters and we had
another busy month in July. Several members made a sashiko mat after Barbara's demonstration.
Thanks to Ann, who brought in her sashiko quilt, and Elizabeth, who had used sashiko patterns
to quilt her quilt; it was good to see sashiko being used to make such attractive quilts.

At our meeting this month Pris will be demonstrating how to create landscapes. Pris brought
in a collection of gorgeous wall hangings last month to inspire us. If you would like to have a go
details of what you need are attached.

Show and Tell

Let's have a bumper 'show and tell' to finish our year – anything that you have made this year
(and not shown already). There is so much brilliant work going on, please share it and we can all
celebrate – we know that quilting is good for you.

Don't forget - If you would like to borrow a copy of The Quilter (there is a lot to read in each
magazine) please sign the little pink book and cross out when returned.

Oak leaves
Several members have already made oak leaves.This is an opportunity to try out new techniques
either by hand or machine and use up that odd piece of fabric you have been wondering what to
do with. See Pris for details.

Subscriptions will be due in September. We are holding the subscription at £16, for this

year, despite a huge increase in the hall rates. We hope you will all sign up for another year
at Loddon Quilters – we are planning the programme at the moment. If you have any special
requests do let Pris or Barbara know and we will see what we can do.

Diary Dates

If you know of local events members may be interested in – or quilting shops you have found and
enjoyed – let Barbara know and we can include them in the newsletter.



If you wish to join Pris’ workshop you will need to bring.

A thin piece of white/off white fabric cut.
12” x 14” and ironed. (I use old sheeting)

2 copies A4 size on ordinary copy paper of your chosen photo in colour.
Keep it simple for first try. (you will not need original photo)
We will be working on this size only approx 8.5” x 11”

A sheet of cardboard or similar to work upon at least 14” x 18”.

This could be from a box or packing case(not cereal) and will be used to transport work home

Could be a flat tray or firm board or even hardboard.

Masking tape if you have some or we can all share mine.

Black marking pen. Sharpie Fine point freezer pen is good.

Scissors suitable for cutting paper.

Freezer paper if you have some cut before you come, slightly larger than A4 size.
(I will bring some)

Bondaweb. Don’t go buying lots you will possibly only use a sheet for small
Fiddly bits and not until later on.

Pritt stick or similar.

Don’t panic buy fabric, just bring a few bits from stash for say the sky and foreground base
colours. If I can get you into the first stages with the paper patterns and you can see how it is
going, you will be able to fuss about at home.

This week -

Festival Of Quilts

N.E.C. Birmingham

Thursday 11th. - Sunday 14th. August 2011for details - http://

Loddon Quilters September meeting – Thursday 21st. September 11.30 – 4.15